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The Center harnesses the full range of the university’s interdisciplinary research expertise to take on pressing, community-identified questions and challenges.


Learn how the Center for Disaster Resilient Communities organizes its research agenda around four interconnected pillars with five crosscutting mechanisms driving the operationalization of the Center’s research. See the Agenda >

Focus areas

Explore each of the four interconnected research pillars for the Center for Disaster Resilient Communities. Learn More >


See how the Center for Disaster Resilient Communities operationalizes its work through the five crosscutting mechanisms. Learn More >

Current projects

Read descriptions of current research projects that focus on partnership development and capacity building. Learn More >

Concept of Operations (CONOPS) template

A team of Center-affiliated researchers and other key stakeholders developed a CONOPS template intended to support academic public health departments and public health agencies to develop and implement collaborative Disaster Response Research. Learn More >